10 Disasters Waiting To Happen

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So the world is constantly on the brink of disaster, and we’re all ready for our impending dooms. WELL – what can we expect? Turns out, a few things! From unavoidable natural disasters, to problems that we can actually solve, here are 10 Disasters Waiting To Happen!

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15 thoughts on “10 Disasters Waiting To Happen

  1. “It’s bad that our population is going down!”

    Me: Isn’t that good? I mean… Less people to buy cars and what not which equals more chance to lower climate change…

  2. Meh, I don’t know about the war with Iran effecting the energy industry. America is currently the largest oil exporter in the world for the first time in decades. And Fracking is still safe, for now. We are still pretty independent energy wise.

    The rest of this video is ballin 🙌🏻

  3. Humanity is so amazing .. and so stupid .. at the same time. These disasters (some far more likely than others) may destroy all these things and kill many people. BUT since the odds are low it will occur in their lifetimes .. well .. screw the odds and build and live there with limited protection anyway .. or screw the odds why should I vaccinate .. or well the excuses go on and on. I mean look at all the people living around major volcanoes. MAYBE they will erupt and create a modern Pompeii. But since it’s basically a roll of a bag of dice and all the dice have to come up sixes on one roll .. well odds are too low to do anything more than plan just in case. But if it happens wow. I am both amazed at mans ability to come in and support others in times of trouble, and perplexed at the same lack of preparation or care before it happens.

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