10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

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These historical figures have always been lauded as heroes, with their best moments in life being spoken about constantly. But what about their darker sides? These are 10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things…

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15 thoughts on “10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

    1. Alltime10s I’m going to need a palette cleanser. I’m going to watch videos of cats doing Fortnite dances.

      Disturbing stuff…

    2. What’s the difference between Hitler and Churchill. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and Churchill killed 4 million Indians. Their way of killing is different but Hitler is a villian(yeah he is) and Churchill is a hero(actually a scumbag).

    3. NO. Not even 1%. facts are being presented in twisted negative way. Please don’t insult great people like Washington and Gandhi.

  1. I had it muted and was just reading the closed captions. Boy was I confused about what this video was about. Made sense after I unmuted it. Worst captions ever.

  2. some of the accusations presented here can easily be explained away , others not – they shouldn’t be confused into the same list !

  3. This dude looks like a fat video gamer who only comes out of his mom’s basement to wash his little stubby fingers that get stuck together from the build up of cheese poofs…

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