10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan

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4Chan is known for containing the weird and unexpected… These strange posts have never been explained. These are 10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan…

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15 thoughts on “10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan

  1. In the golden age of tor i’ve found a disturbing video of a group raping a fat mother near her child and then slaughter and cut her to pieces.

  2. Nigga stop saying hoax. Why would it be a hoax. You could just track the IP address of the sender and if it is the same IP then it is a hoax but if it isn’t then it’s real.

  3. The ogre guy didn’t dig out the basement with his hands he says in the responses he used a shovel lol

  4. I clicked on a supposed Donald trump blog link it turned out to be a video of a man cutting a woman, I don’t know if it was real but it looked it. Never went on 4chan again

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