Game of Thrones S08 E05 Reaction – WM Breakdown

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Game of Thrones: The Final Season is definitely turning out to be a contentious one for fans. The eighth and final season is finally coming to an end, and this episode did not disappoint! “The Bells”, directed by Miguel Sapochnik, had everything we’ve come to expect from the final season of Game of Thrones: fire, betrayal, and epic set pieces. Watch us at we break down the penultimate episode of GoT.

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10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S08 E05 Reaction – WM Breakdown

  1. I hope if dany dies, is john who kills her and not arya, she is probably the only one with sansa that actualy had better writing to there storys, it would be way too much if she kills, Little finger, NK, and dany .

  2. She deserve to die for what she did, she will never accept what she did and instead of trying to accept, she will continue to kill and use her anger on other innocent peoples.

  3. the biggest mistake they made was shortening the episode count to 6, to me it doesnt seem as though its rushed as much as it is just crammed in. i have still enjoyed this season and im not going to start complaining now after all the great TV moments that GoT has provided us with, i just wish this epic final season was handled with a bit more care!

  4. There’s no point in looking for logic in this final GAME OF THRONES season, because after making us wait for so very long, the showrunners are sprinting for the finish line, unfortunately at the expense of coherent plotting or satisfying character development.

  5. You can foreshadow something until the cows come home – that’s still not a substitute for a satisfying story that makes sense.

  6. Danny always was a Targaryan….She fought it as much as she could to try to change her family’s legacy but, this was always who she is. Everyone who failed to bend the knee….Dracaris!

  7. DaENeRyS wEnT AlL mAd QuEeN. FFS I hate this take.

    Also, CleganeBowl was so fan-serving. But Cersei didn’t get a satisfying death.

    Drivel. Complete drivel.

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