Top 10 Dumbest Movie Petitions

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Yeah, that will definitely happen if you get enough signatures . . . For this list, we’ll be looking at the silliest movie-related petitions ever created. Remove “The Last Jedi” from the Canon? Pull Brie Larson from “Captain Marvel”? Put Harambe in “The Lion King”? Sorry, but it was never gonna happen. What petition do YOU think is the silliest? How about the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Movie Petitions

  1. Honestly I enjoyed The Last Jedi, probably because that was my first Star Wars movie ever. Plus it reached a billion dollars so how about that? And also I got into the whole Star Wars thing.

  2. The dumbasses who probably made the beauty and the beast one, who were so mortified at the thought of LeFou being gay, probably have no idea that Luke Evans (Gaston) is actually gay. But they probably loved him.

  3. Prometheus was doodoo. Covenant was only slightly better. You don’t have to remake/add to classics. The comics and books did more than enough to add to the alien’s universe.
    Never forget Harambe. *unzips*

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