10 Apocalypses That We Survived

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We all love watching movies where mankind gets wiped out by asteroids or volcanos. But in reality, humanity has survived its fair share of world ending cataclysms. From murderous plagues to world shaking earthquakes, here are 10 Apocalypses That We Survived.

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10 thoughts on “10 Apocalypses That We Survived

  1. actually neaderthals weren’t all that dumber than us, evidence shows they even had vocal chords, also having bigger brains than us (although brain size doesn’t always correlate with knowledge) but it shows that we may have even had the same brain structure, or similar.

  2. Neanderthals were not just “dumber version of us”. They actually had high levels of social & material intelligence and culture. If you are stating facts here, maybe make it a little less subjective. Also keep up with the times and stop using words such as ‘mankind’.

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